Zarabella Ming

Roblem Hogarth

Ivey Deschanel

Apatia Hammerer

Allegory Malaprop

Radio Signals

Recidivist Sideways

Hyasynth Tiramisu

Horrid Twine

Jonny Dusk

Juana Manuel

Nebulosus Severine

Anathema Xeltentat

Noir Maelstrom

Achariya Maktoum

Putrid Gloom

Tomoyuki Batra

Kala Bijoux

Grady Echegaray



And these children that you spit on, as they try to change their worlds….

Thank you to each and every one of you.

I don’t try to explain art, let alone mine. Someone once told me that if you tell people what it means to you, that’s all they’ll ever see when they look at it. Truth. It destroys what could have been seen, whatever they might have gotten out of it. That said, i’m not going to explain this one either, suffice to say that if you’re seeing anything other than us…

you’re wrong.

❤ Munch.


~ by munchflower on May 18, 2010.

9 Responses to “WRONG.”

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  2. Doggy Daddy made the Wrong Honor Role!!! ]>;)P

    Wrong Dog, picks the wrong fight,
    Come his way, feel the wrong bite!

    Outstanding work from our favorite wrongness, you WrongMonger you!!!

    ~cave canem~ vvvv

  3. wow

  4. LOL Does Dog get to be the Wrong Professor? I just went to save that sweet piece for a desktop and notice the pic is “Wrong 101” ]>;)P

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  6. Is this post rightly wrong, or wrongly right? Either way it pwns! ❤
    (*approves of the high platinum ratio)

  7. Ch ch ch changes…

  8. beautiful. Some of my most favourite people are here, I love that you’re so wrong ❤

  9. WRONG 101

    “Today a man of knowledge might easily feel as if he were God become animal.”

    ~ Friedrich Nietzsche, Aphorism 101

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